Write, Therefore, What Will Take Place Later

4:1 to 22:5

    In keeping with the divine outline given in 1:19, God outlined for John the details of the future: What will take place later. This includes the stirring events leading up to the Second Coming itself (Chapter 19); then the thousand-year millennial Kingdom (Chapter 20); and finally the New Jerusalem with a new heaven and a new earth (Chapters 21-22). It is obvious that the central truth is the Second Coming of Messiah in Chapter 19, just as the central truth of the four Gospels was the First Coming of Jesus Christ.

    While many interpretations of the book of Revelation have been suggested, the only view that provides a convincing understanding is the one that pictures future events beginning with Chapter 4. And as such, the rest of the book gives us a more graphic illustration of the future, given in more detail, than is found anywhere else in the Bible. Such a revelation is a fitting climax to all the biblical prophecies relating to human history, which are rightly centered in the person and ministry of Yeshua Messiah.


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