The Events in the First Half

of the Great Tribulation

6:1 to 9:21 and 17:1-6

    The first half of the Great Tribulation will last for three and a half years, or 42 months (13:5), or 1,260 days (a prophetic year in the Bible is 360 days, not 365). Two things should be noted about the events during this period. First, some events occur in chronological sequence, with one event following the other in order. The seal judgments of Chapter 6 and the trumpet judgments of Chapters 8 and 9 fall into that category. Secondly, other events occur throughout the first half simultaneously with the sequential events.

    There are five such events occurring throughout the first half. Two of these events actually begin before the Great Tribulation but continue on into and through the first half. One is the ministry of Elijah the Prophet. The other is the rule of the ten kings and ten kingdoms. As stated earlier, after the fall of the one world government before the Great Tribulation, the world will be divided into ten kingdoms. This ten kingdom stage will continue into and during the first half of the seven year Tribulation period. The other three events are the ministry of the 144,000 and the worldwide revival (Ch 7), the ministry of the two witnesses (Ch 11) and the rule of religious Babylon (Ch 17:1-6).191


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