The Seven Trumpets

8:2 to 9:21

    During the half hour of silence, most of those on the earth will undoubtedly harden their hearts further toward ADONAI thinking that somehow they had won victory over Him.238 But the silence will be broken when the seventh seal is opened containing the seven trumpet judgments. The LORD’s wrath will become increasingly severe and the trumpets will unleash more fury than all that had gone before them.

    With each trumpet a plague will be poured out upon the earth. They embody the wrath of ADONAI upon the people of the earth who will choose to give their allegiance to the antichrist rather than to the Lion of the Tribe of Judah (5:5). This wrath is not directed against mankind in general, but to those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads (9:4). Two-thirds of the Jews will die during the Great Tribulation and any Gentile accepting Messiah, during that time will be martyred.

    A line will be drawn in the sand. In other words, John sees a day when the forces of righteousness and the forces of evil will be so open and clear that everyone will have to make a decision between Christ or the antichrist. The struggle that is implicit in the mission of the Gospel in the world for the souls of mankind will become so explicit that there will no longer be any middle ground. The powers of unbelief and of hostility to God will explode in the person of the antichrist, and everyone’s loyalty will be tested.

    Yet, the wrath of the LORD is not merely judgmental. It also symbolizes His mercy. The seven trumpet judgments are designed to drive men and women to their knees while salvation is still possible, before it is too late. After the sixth trumpet, we read: The rest of mankind that were not killed by theses plagues still did not repent of the work of their hands; they did not stop worshiping demons and idols (9:20a). It is implied that when men and women are confronted by the evident wrath of God, they would be humbled, repent, and turn from their wickedness to worship Him. If it were possible for the LORD to have people experience the reality of their sin, the judgments of the trumpets will do so, not wanting anyone to perish, but to come to repentance (Second Peter 3:9b).239

    Notice the pattern being established. The seven seals were broken down into two sets: the four horsemen followed by three additional judgments. Likewise, the seven trumpet judgments will be broken down into two sets: four judgments followed by three judgments called woes.240

    One of the challenging aspects of reading the book of Revelation is this: Can we root ourselves in the Word of God just as John did? Is it our base? Our core? Can we take a hold of his view of salvation and allow our very outlook on the future to be shaped by ADONAI’s promises in the past and His faithfulness in the present? We can confidently say yes, because the Ruach HaKodesh can bring the Scriptures alive in our hearts. For all Scripture is God breathed (Second Timothy 3:16a). So turn to God the Holy Spirit today and ask Him to anchor your life – past, present and future – in Messiah Yeshua.


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