The Antichrist Seems to be Resurrected

13: 3

   DIG: How will Satan carry out his plan to annihilate the Jewish race? Who is the only One who can create life? In what ways does Satan counterfeit God? How effective is it? Why?

   REFLECT: Where would we be today, if the Adversary could create life? What would the implications be? How would that affect you today?

    Revelation 12 portrays two great battles, one in heaven (12:7-12) and the other on the earth (12:1-6, 13-17). In both conflicts, Satan sets out to totally annihilate the Jewish race. The means by which he will carry out his plan will be the two beasts of Chapter 13. The details of this genocide will be dealt with shortly. But the devil will begin his plan by reverting to his true nature. The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders (Second Thessalonians 2:9).

    One of the heads of the beast, the antichrist, seemed to have had a fatal wound, but the fatal wound will be healed (13:3a). Only ADONAI can breathe life into a dead body. Only God can create, only God can call into existence that which did not exist (Genesis 1:1). The universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible (Hebrews 11:3).

    So, the antichrist’s alleged death and resurrection will be a counterfeit of Christ’s death and resurrection. The people of the world will believe that the beast is their savior. Since the Great Tribulation will be a time where the world will experience death on a scale never seen before in human history, his seeming invincibility to death will win him even greater fame than before. As a result, the whole world will be astonished and follow the beast (13:3b). He will seem bulletproof.

    The antichrist will be the counterfeit son in every respect. There has been a counterfeit virgin birth, a counterfeit god-man, and now a counterfeit death and resurrection. Not very original. A counterfeit Second Coming to rule will be seen as he moves to possess the nations and kingdoms of the world. Satan is playing the part of the counterfeit Father in this scenario. For just as the true Father gave His authority to the true Son; consequently the counterfeit Father will give his authority to his counterfeit son.297 It is no wonder that the entire world will be swept off its feet by this articulate, persuasive figure. The world will cry out: Who is like the beast, and who is able to make war against him (13:4)?


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