The Destruction of Religious Babylon

17: 16

   DIG: What is religious Babylon? In what way is she a prostitute? Who is the beast? How had he used her? Why does he hate the prostitute and turn on her?

   REFLECT: Have you ever felt eaten alive by Satan? What did you learn from that experience? Are you guaranteed that it will never happen again? What can you do?

    One of the antichrist’s first acts in gaining control of the world will be the destruction of the first religious system of the Great Tribulation, religious Babylon. The beast (the antichrist) and the ten horns (the ten kings who rule under the antichrist) you saw will hate the prostitute (religious Babylon). Having used her to help him gain firm control of the world, the beast will discard her. But he will undoubtedly desire the vast wealth of religious Babylon.

    Therefore, he will turn on the prostitute and bring her to ruin and leave her naked. The graphic language shows that extreme violence will be used to make clear that the beast and his henchmen will utterly and completely obliterate every trace of the false religious system; figuratively, they will eat her flesh and burn her with fire.298 This worldwide religion will have the support of the civil government for the first three-and-a-half years of the Great Tribulation. But with all civil authority handed over to the antichrist, he will destroy any form of religious Babylon so that all the worship in the entire world can be directed to him.


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