The Beast Will Hate the Prostitute

and Bring Her to Ruin

17: 16-17

   DIG: When does the beast turn on the woman and destroy her? Who will cause the beast and the ten horns to hate and destroy the prostitute? Without the beast realizing it, how does this accomplish the will of Jesus?

   REFLECT: Do you believe that all things work together for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28)? Have you ever seemingly been destroyed, only to find out later that it was part of God’s plan for your betterment? Do you hate every form of false religion as much as the Lord does (Romans 8:9)? Or do you tolerate it? You know, coexist.

    As the antichrist consolidates his power, his alliance with the woman, or the one world religion, will not last. Suddenly, at the moment of her greatest triumph, reigning proudly over the peoples of the whole world, she will meet her end. In every land there will be great churches, temples, mosques, shrines and images in her honor. In the schools and homes her humanistic philosophy will be taught and her rituals practiced. Priests, monks and counselors teach the people and receive their gifts. Tax money is poured into the monstrous system and commercial Babylon amply supporting the affluence of religious Babylon. The syncretistic union of all the world’s religions will be accomplished.

    During the first half of the Great Tribulation, while the beast is attempting to establish his supremacy over the ten kings, he quickly realizes that he can use mankind’s religious nature to help implement his own ambitions. Through the special genius of the false prophet, he is soon able to gain a considerable following in many nations through promoting a cultic worship of himself throughout the world. With the lost naturally inclined to humanistic man-worship, it will be easy for the false prophet (using miracles as a means of persuasion) to seduce great multitudes into idolizing the brilliant and charismatic leader who will rise so quickly to world fame.

    Then, when he finally achieves his goal of world dominance midway through the Great Tribulation, the leaders of the false religion will undoubtedly hope they will share in the glow of his popularity. But they will no longer be needed. The beast will make them obsolete because the whole world will soon be worshiping him and his image. At that time it will no longer be necessary to use religious go-betweens of any kind, since mankind will openly acknowledge and worship Satan. Men worshiped the dragon because he had given authority to the beast, and they also worshiped the beast (13:4).

    The beast and the false prophet will quickly let it be known that they neither want nor need the prostitute anymore. The beast and the ten horns, or puppet kings, had probably always resented the power and influence of the prostitute (17:16a). She had always gotten more attention than they had. Consequently, they will jump at the chance to destroy their rival once the antichrist gives his permission. There had already been a systematic purging against those who love Jesus, why not get rid of all religion? No worship will be tolerated except worshiping the beast.381

    Obviously there will be no more room for the prostitute and her one world religion. The beast cannot be god and subject to those who worship him at the same time. Someone has to go! The antichrist and his allies will destroy Mystery Babylon’s religious system and anyone opposed to political/commercial Babylon. Apparently there will be no mourning connected with the destruction of the prostitute. They will confiscate her clothing, gold, and precious stones; they will persecute and kill her poor deceived people. The fact that the beast will turn on the prostitute and bring her to ruin and leave her naked; eat her flesh and burn her with fire (17:16b), is indicative of the intensity and totality of her destruction. Nothing will remain of her.382

    However, it is ironic that mankind will fulfill ADONAI’s will even while they consciously oppose it. because the Ruach HaKodesh will put the idea of destroying the prostitute into the hearts of the antichrist and his henchmen. To accomplish His purpose, God will agree to give the beast and his gang their power to rule, until the Lord's words are fulfilled (17:17). They will be instruments in His hands to accomplish His purpose and fulfill His words. All of God’s words, every prophecy of Christ’s return and the setting up of His kingdom will be fulfilled completely.383

    After their release from the Sanhedrin, Peter and John explained this to the Jews in Jerusalem, saying: The kings of the earth take their stand and the rulers gather together against ADONAI and against His Messiah. Indeed Herod and Pontius Pilate met together with the Gentiles and the people of Israel in this City to conspire against Your holy servant Yeshua, whom You made Messiah, to do what Your power and plan had already determined beforehand should happen (Acts 4:26-28 CJB). God will use ten horns and the beast to destroy the prostitute. His words must be fulfilled, whether mankind means to or not (Isaiah 55:10-11; Matthew 24:35).

    God hates every form of false religion and will not tolerate those who seek to rob Him of His glory. I am the LORD; that is My name! I will not yield My glory to another or My praise to idols (Isaiah 42:8). Therefore, the antichrist’s religious empire must be judged and destroyed.


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