The Fall of Commercial and Political Babylon

18: 1-24

    The judgment against Babylon (14:8) is against her pride, ruthlessness, greed (First Timothy 6:9-10) and materialism. It is a just judgment (15:3, 16:5 and 7, 18:10 and 20, 19:2), praised by God’s people but mourned by the worldly and the wicked who share her values. Chapter 18 is very somber and is, in reality, a dirge for humanity.

    Much in this chapter resembles the lamentation of Ezeki'el 27-28 over the commercial center and port of Tyre. It is significant that Tyre is often understood as a substitute for Satan’s realm of activity, and Tyre’s king a surrogate for Satan (especially on Ezekiel 28:11-19). By analogy, then, the destruction of Babylon in this chapter is really the destruction of Satan’s kingdom; and the destruction of Satan himself in Chapter 20 reminds us of Gog and Magog as described in Ezeki'el Chapters 38 and 39, which also resembles Ezeki'el Chapters 27 and 28.384 With the destruction of Satan’s last and greatest human empire, the stage will be set for the triumphal return of Jesus Christ.


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