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The Team

We are a fellowship of believers who are dedicated to spreading the Word of God from a Jewish perspective. We have no buildings, no salary, and ask for no donations. Our ministry team consists of 22 members, each using their own giftedness: Antonietta, Doug, Linda and Mike are our English proofreaders/editors; Vince has built our new site using WordPress and continues to update it, and Cesar also helps out with our technology needs; Silvio and his wife Monica have finished the Spanish translation of Genesis, Esther and Jude will soon be translating Ruth and Jonah. Michael has completed the German translation of Revelation, and will soon be on to other books. John leads our three-person Tamil translation of The Life of Christ; Ajay is translating The Life of Christ into Hindi; Javed and an anonymous translator are translating our commentaries into Urdu; Josh updates our App and will soon be creating Spanish and German Apps. My son Brian helps with my podcasts and our newly activated Facebook account when readers can receive updates and make comments. Gary is our graphic artist, and Jay David the human author. He has a Master in Theology from Bethel Seminary in San Diego, California, is 72 and a retired high school history teacher and football coach. He and his wife Beth attend Kol Dodi Messianic Congregation in Nashville, Tennessee, and have been married for 35 years.

Current Developments

The biggest development is the change in our home page. Instead of books in English, it will display languages: English, Spanish, German, Urdu, Tamil and Hindi. Once you click on the language, you will see all the books in that language. We are looking for Arabic and Russian translators. I have added four new books to the English site – they are Acts, Ezra-Nehemiah, Galatians and Deuteronomy. A very exciting development has occurred very recently, we have a new translator, Javed from Pakistan. He has an MDiv Degree and has planted ten churches in Pakistan. Please, make sure to visit our new and updated Facebook page. Also take a look at our Updates page for the latest additions and changes to the website. Please visit the Testimonials page, they are coming in from all over the world and are very encouraging. Once more thing, I will be doing a weekly podcast with a link on the home page.

Right now, our app is only on Android Google Play platform, but we are looking to add Apple iTunes for our app as soon as we can. Ruth has been completed and is on line with the pdf files. All the English books have been written, edited and are on line. There are many challenges to our foreign translators, but they are faithful and are loading their translations on the site as soon as possible.

The Website

According to Alexa.com, the world’s top website that ranks websites based on their traffic and other factors, we are looking very good, both globally and in the United States. We have consistently been in 120-125 countries per week for many years.

Plans, Prayers & Hopes

We would like for you to pray for our team as we minister in God’s Word. The Enemy of souls is still very active.

As a praise report, Cesar’s mother is in an assisted living facility in Poland. This has been a long, drawn our process for Cesar living in Poland for an extended period of time while going through the long process of helping his mother get located.

Please pray for Silvio and Monica for the salvation of their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, for work and a good retirement, good jobs for their family members and salvation for other relatives and friends. Por la salvación de nuestras generaciones: hijos, nietos, bisnietos. Por el trabajo y la buena jubilación de Mónica y Silvio. Por un buen trabajo para los hijos. Por la salvación de otros familiares, amigos, compañeros de trabajo, alumnos y sus familiares.

Please pray for Antonietta and her children (Angelina and Vas) that their hearts would be on fire for the Lord, and for the salvation of her husband Tommy.

Please pray for Doug’s wife Alice who is having memory problems and has been diagnosed with moderate dementia. Their son has accepted the Lord, but it still having problems with alcohol. Please pray that God would deliver him from alcohol, and pray for wisdom and patience for Doug.

Please pray for Gary and Georgia who have had some surprising twists and turns regarding their ministry here in Belize. While they were in the States the team of men that help oversee our ministry in Belize told us of another ministry opportunity that they felt would be a good match for us. It is with Radius International, a ministry that trains missionaries to go to the unreached people groups in the world. The training takes place in Tijuana and the students live on campus. Many of those in training have children that need to be cared for and helped with homeschooling while the parents are in class. Their ministry would be to care for these children. We saw this as an invitation that we should at least look into. We visited the campus, met with the leadership and students and spent some time with the kids. We decided to apply for the position and learned on Friday (the week before last), that we were accepted. The next semester begins at the end of July, so they will need to wrap things up here quickly.

Please pray for a full recovery for Josh from surgery on a cancerous tumor inside his kidney. They thought they got it all, but since then it has spread to a lung and to other areas. He has been referred to an oncologist for treatment. Please pray that God would heal him. Pray for his wife Dawn with her internship and Master’s Degree program and for the health needs of their extended family.

Please pray for Linda, first, that every Jew would go to www.Ifoundshalom and read several stories of Jews who were so opposed to Yeshua; then found out that Yeshua loves them and is the Jewish Messiah who came to be the sacrifice for the world for all who love him. And Second, that every Awana child in Europe, Asia and Africa, 3 million+, would grow deep in their love for God and would share with their family how God loves them and offers forgiveness to all who choose to follow him as their Lord and Savior.

Please pray for wisdom for Ajay as he translates The Life of Christ into Hindi. Please pray that he could get a new laptop because he does not one and has to borrow one to do his translation work. Please pray for the Lord’s mighty work on the teaching of the materials found on the website to the young and illiterate people in India. Please pray for the ministry that the Lord has given him in India so that God would meet our needs especially the finances, as it is a faith-based ministry without any support of any organization or missions.

Please pray for John as Tamil translators continue their successful translation of The Life of Christ, and that many people from India will read it and by saved.

Please pray for Mike and his wife Meg have been the victims of an unscrupulous renter, and have suffered greatly both financially and emotionally. Please pray that the Lord would give them both the wisdom and the peace to deal with this ongoing situation.

Please pray for Jay and the health of his wife Beth as she battles back and neck pain from nursing injuries and rheumatoid arthritis. Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Please pray for wisdom for our son Brian as he transitions into a new job so he can go to college to get his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management.

Jay Mack, MDiv