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Have the answers before you ask the questions

This list is derived from the feedback we receive from the readers. It is also compiled in part from our plans and anticipated questions that may arise from one’s visit to this website. Please contact us if you have questions that haven’t been answered here.

Also, please note that the questions are added here as they come. So there is no particular order in which they appear on the list.

Are your commentaries available in a printed format?2018-07-05T18:48:17+00:00

The short answer is, no. However, having the pages also available as PDF files, you can print them as you need at home or put them on a CD or a flashdrive and bring them with you to any printing place. That way, you can share them with your friends, Bible study group or in other settings.

Not having these materials in a printed format allows us to update the commentaries and correct them, if needed, at any time. Our readers are part of the process, when they bring to our attention any issues they run into; like spelling, mistyped reference numbers and such.

How is your ministry funded?2018-07-05T18:49:18+00:00

This ministry is possible by a voluntary work of people who are called to donate their skills, time and efforts to complete any given task of this project. The About Us page explains these aspects of the ministry in more detail.

Can I view your commentaries on a smart phone or a tablet?2018-07-05T18:51:50+00:00

The general answer is, Yes. Here are the three ways you can view our pages on platforms other than desktop or laptop computer:

  • Android and Kindle. Please refer to our Links & Resources for more information.
  • Smartphone or tablet web browser. Our website is not optimized for smartphone or tablet viewing. However, it is fairly comfortably viewable on those devices. We have plans to convert the site in the future to suit most mobile devices.
  • View/download PDF documents. Most of our commentaries are available in a generic PDF format. That means that any device capable of opening/handling of PDF documents will display them for you.
Do you have plans to make your commentaries available in other formats?2018-07-05T18:52:10+00:00

We are currently looking into recording the Spanish, and possibly one other version of the commentaries in audio format.

Are your commentaries available in other languages?2018-07-05T18:52:32+00:00

We are working on expanding of our Spanish section. Currently, we have one section of the Book of Genesis available online. Both, as web pages and PDF files.

Do you have plans to make your commentaries available in other languages?2018-07-05T18:52:59+00:00


  • Chinese. We are looking for and praying for translators to convert the commentaries into Chinese Mandarin. We are hopeful.
  • German. In December 2015, we were contacted by one German translator who volunteered his time to translate the commentaries and another person who would post them on the website. The commentary being translated into German is the Book of Revelation.
  • Tamil. We currently have a team of people working on the Tamil translation of the Life of Christ commentary. Tamil is one of the main dialects/languages in use in Indi


How do I know that you have added or updated some resources on your site?2018-07-05T18:53:53+00:00

Most updates to our site are reflected on our News & Updates page. That page is based on our site’s RSS feed you can subscribe to with your favorite RSS application on any platform, to be notified of the latest changes.

As of October of 2017, we started working on a Facebook page to reinstate our presence on that platform. The main purpose of that page will be to inform you of any current additions, changes and developments on our website.

Can you be found, contacted and/or supported on any social platform?2018-07-05T18:54:13+00:00

Currently, Jay Mack Teaching Ministry can be found on Facebook. This is where you can expect to find the latest information about the current developments and plans in regard to the website and the ministry.

What is your belief system, your theology?2018-07-05T18:54:45+00:00

This question is addressed on the Statement of Faith page. Please follow the link.

How secure is your website? Should I be concerned about malware and such?2018-07-05T18:55:05+00:00

First off, you should always have an updated firewall and antivirus/antimalware software protection for your computer, on top of some common-sense practices and habits when browsing the web, and using your computer in general.

We do not run any fancy/extensive scripts, apps, applets, plugins or other features that can be hijacked or exploited by attackers (as in WordPress and other platforms). The only exception here is a simple navigation script for the “previous/next” links in the commentary pages. A while ago we converted the mouse-over graphical links to css, thus getting rid of another javascript-based feature. There’s also a gallery style script for displaying of illustrations on some commentary pages. This website is as “plain-jane” in today’s standards as you can get it; with only html pages and viewable/downloadable PDF documents.

Can I help, contribute to your ministry somehow?2018-07-05T18:55:48+00:00

Currently, we have needs in the following areas:

  1. As we state elsewhere, this is all voluntary work (which means that we cannot pay anybody for their work, time, services, etc). Currently we do have a need for a bilingual, Spanish speaking person, with the knowledge of working with HTML pages. The person would be converting PDF documents into web pages, using any software they are comfortable with (Dreamweaver, ExpressionWeb, etc.). They would then send the converted documents to us for posting on the Spanish section of our website.
  2. We need to find a person or a team of people who would be interested in translating our commentaries into Russian. This person/team would need to be tech savvy enough to not only reformat word documents into ExpressionWeb documents, but also be able to load them on our server. This would be a voluntary ministry to add to our other languages. Right now we are in 140 countries a week, but we have very few views from Russia.
  3. We are looking for someone(s) with some technical skills to manage some of our web operations. That would mainly include converting and formatting of commentaries into web pages, updating index pages with links, titles and other information and more. The main stress here is on being focused, detail oriented and willing to learn.
  4. We are looking for Chinese translator to translate our materials into Chinese Mandarin.

If you would like to contribute in any of the above areas, please use the following link to get in touch with us, david@jaymack.net.

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