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Other Online Resources

Rapture Forums

The Rapture and End Times News Resource.

Arabs for Israel

Arabs who Support the State of Israel and advocate for Peace in the Middle East.

CMI: How old is the earth?

From Refuting Evolution, a handbook for students, parents, and teachers countering the latest arguments for evolution. Creation Ministry International.

Grace thru Faith

The Bible made clear and simple.

I Found Shalom

It is our prayer to the God of our fathers that you might find peace in a troubled world.

Israel Prayer Mission

Seeking Salvation through the Faithful Intercession of those with a Heart for all of God’s Children.

Ken’s Devotional

Daily devotional with a short story or commentary, a bible verse, and a music video for each day.

Land and the Book

For a uniquely biblical perspective, join Dr. Charlie Dyer, Jon Gauger and Dr. Jim Coakley for The Land and the Book Every week this gifted team brings you terrific stories of God at work as they explore biblical, archaeological and prophetic events.

Larry Dean on the Bible

Daily thoughts and insights from the Scriptures

Patterns of Evidence

Watch faith-affirming, Bible-investigating documentaries that encourage you! Patterns of Evidence Series.

Root Source

Root Source is a labor of love. A gift from Jews to Christians around the world.

Sarah Beth Baca Art

Sarah Beth works with watercolor and ink, acrylic and mixed media.

Verse by Verse Ministry

Teaching the Whole Counsel of God by Stephen Armstrong.